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 Rule's of EclipseWoW

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Rule's of EclipseWoW Empty
PostSubject: Rule's of EclipseWoW   Rule's of EclipseWoW I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 24, 2010 3:38 am

Okay, here are the rules of our server. =]

1-)Causes kick & Mute on our server:

1- Spamming

2-Excessive use of abusive language profanity.

3-Making threats or harmful comments towards community.

4- Begging an Gamemaster or Administrator for an Item's or Spells.

5- Being rude on Any Channel.

2-)Causes Ban account:

1-attempting to harass a Gamemaster/ Administrator

2- Attacking an Gamemaster when he ask's you to stop.

3-Defrauding a Gamemaster/Administrator

4-Scamming or Flaming or attempting to scam or flame the EclipseWoW Community or Staff.

5- Hacking

Account ban with a chance of being re-appealed on the forums. Excessive violations may result in an IP ban which is not able to be re-appealed.

3-) Causes IP ban (Ban for life):

1- Talking or Advertising about another Server not related EclipseWoW.

2- Hacking (result's Account & IP ban)

3- Exploting

4- Breaking the rule's

IP ban with NO chance of being re-appealed on the forums.

Take your time of reading our rule's.

Thanks in advance.

Shaun =]

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Rule's of EclipseWoW
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