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 GM Application format!

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GM Application format! Empty
PostSubject: GM Application format!   GM Application format! I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 24, 2010 1:46 am

1-) How old are you (Include the data please)?

2-)What's your real name (no need the full name just your first name)?

3-)What is your Time Zone (EST, GMT, etc)

4-)If you see a hacker, flying or speed hacking (Or you seen a ticket some one witnessed a hacker"i got a hacker Named *****) What's your next move? (Include the commands)

5-)You're doing ticket's and some player asked you to teach him some skill (For example Dragon breath) He can't learn Rank one(1) and he Speced into it. What's your next move? (Please include the commands you will use).

6-)If some player asked you to learn him some missing skill, Will you teach it to him? Or you'll ask him to make a ticket?

7-) Have you ever been a GM? (Don't tell us you had your own server or a GM server)

8-) If you answered to question 7 "Yes" please tell us what server you were GMing at. if you answered "No" than leave this question.

9-)Why do you want to be a Gamemaster on our server? (Please include the explanation of why you you want to be Gamemaster on our server).

10-)Do you have good knowledge of Ascent commands?

11-) Do you have any problem with ASCENT commands?

12-)6x6 + 4 = ? how much that would be? (if you answer this question wrong it will result in a automatic decline)

13-)Can a snake walk? Does snake have any legs?

14-)If you are in a situation, your HP is -1/-1 how can you revive your self ? (ascent command)

15-)What is the command to Spawn & Delete & Active Object's?

Spawn object's:

Delete object's :

Active object's :

16-) How do you turn your GM Tag on?

17-)How can you learn a spell to a player or yourself?

18-) How you can root people?

19-) What makes you think you can be a Gamemaster on our server?

20-) What's half of 90 ?

You can post the application in any color you want, they must be read able.

Thanks in advance. =]

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GM Application format!
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