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 Donator Account Rules

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PostSubject: Donator Account Rules   Wed Feb 24, 2010 1:25 am

Donator Account Rules and Regulations

1. Using your commands while in PvP.

2. Adding items to regular players

3.Don't port in combat

4.Don't appear to anyone without his authority or permission.

5.Don't summon anyone without his authority or permission.

Breaking one of the rule's there's a chance of being re-appealed on the forums.

The commands you receive from donating are for your personal use! We forbid you to use your commands on other players.

Donator Account Bans
Never Appear or Summon a GameMaster without permission. GameMasters will Instantly Issue an Account Ban.

breaking this rule there's NO chance of beaing re-appealed on the forums.

Regular rule's applies too, ofcourse Regular Rule's

Thanks in advance.

Yousken =]
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Donator Account Rules
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